In operation since 2000, GeekVillage is back and...

We remain committed to your success as a digital creator!

GeekVillage and the Geek/Talk Webmaster Forum are all about providing hints, tips and meaningful connections that help web publishers and online content creators to thrive.

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Receive tips from our blog, tap into our free web tools, or build relationships on the Geek/Talk Forums.

Whether you’re interested in grabbing a few tips and going, or interacting as a regular on our active discussion forum, we’re here to help. Choose the level of interaction that suits you – it’s all free.


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Joshua Smith - GeekVillage Admin

Joshua Smith

Since acquiring GeekVillage from its founder (Steve Shubitz) in 2004, Josh has been doing his best to keep this community moving ahead with a supportive and enthusiastic culture.

What we are doing?

We are here for you. If you're an independent, new or emerging web publisher, this resource is designed to help you to succeed.

Be sure to let us know if we can be doing things better to deliver content and connections that are right for you. In the meantime, please enjoy what we have available presently.

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