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GMT is an edtech initiative by Singapore based Quest ontheFRONTIER Group.
Live online 1-on-1 classes for students aged 7-14 years
The key to our success is the quality of tutors. We carefully select, train and onboard qualified computer professionals with teaching experience. Apart from being subject matter experts, we ensure our teachers have passion and patience to teach kids. This means making learning an enjoyable activity for the children and motivating the students to continually progress. They are also trained on how to engage parent

Our teachers are English speaking qualified computer professionals from India- the land of IT. Majority of our teachers are women trained as computer engineers / IT professionals with flair for and experience in teaching kids. Teachers are recruited, trained supervised by Curriculum Advisor who continually improves the curriculum and the teaching contents including home assignments and regularly reviews the recorded sessions for quality control and coaching purposes.

Book Free Demo Class- https://gmt.live/free-demo-class/

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