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Webmasters FREE Guest Book For YOUR Site Service
IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are sorry to report that our Free Guest Book service has been repeatedly vandalized/abused. We are working with Federal and State authorities in an effort to prosecute the offender. Unfortunately, some of your entries may not appear until we have time to try and fix these issues. Thank you ~ Guest Book Team.
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A Guest Book is a great way to ad interactivity to your site. A Guest Book gives you the ability to gather information from your visitors and keep in touch with who's visiting your site. Your Free Guest Book is jam packed with features which will enhance your site and keep visitors coming back. Visitors can post a public message that includes: Name, E-mail, Site Rating, URL, Home page and Comments about your site. They can also send you a private message and tell their friends and associates about your site via our Guest Book Email (using HTML) feature. Your Guest Book even displays the number of entries and page views.

Our service is 100% FREE and does not require any special scripts or files on your domain. We host the entire service. You simply copy and paste some HTML code into your pages to enable your site. No programming is necessary and it only takes few seconds to create.

You also receive your own Admin. This feature permits you to customize your Guest Book. Control your: Guest Book Features (colors for everything, HTML allowed, background image, and Email you when a visitor makes an entry), Modify Your Personal Info, Delete/Block Entries From Your Book, Get HTML Code For Your Site, Block Visitors IP & Email Addresses, and Add/Edit Your Bad Word File.

This service is hosted on our dedicated server to increase the speed and reliability of this service.

Existing members: Click here to log into your account.

Demo. Our own and it's live!

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No new sign ups will not be accepted. This product is no longer supported. Sorry.

Free CGI Script For Your Web Site - Guest Book

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