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Please take a few moments to read what some of our Members think about the geek/talk Forums for Publishers & Merchants. These "Testimonials" should provide you with a sense of our Community's benefits, culture, and procedures.
Some thoughts from our Happy 6th Birthday GV! thread:

"...It has been an invaluable resource for information ... I can't imagine how much money I would have lost to crooked affiliate programs without this place." Senior Member: emmzee -

"...I consult this community everytime I need professional advice regarding 'internet advertising'..." Senior Member: Duchz -

"...GV is one of those rare sites that's not just a forum, but an archive of great information. Glad that hasn't changed all these years..." Senior Member: georgec -
"Thank you for allowing me to be a member/advertiser at GeekVillage for the past 3 years. With the help of great management and superb moderation it has been nothing less then a great experience for me and has helped me bring in a lot of new business."
Chet Brzezinski
"Thanks for all your help and conversation, we enjoy working with you at GeekVillage not only because of the good results, but also as a supporter of such a well-run and well behaved :) community."
Brian Littleton
" is a proud sponsor of geek/talk. This is, actually, more than a "Board," but a dynamic community of webmasters that allows the free and productive exchange of ideas and information. On this forum, information moves in real-time and ideas are exchanged openly and with integrity. By being a part of this community, we are able to keep in touch with the webmasters that drive our products and services and respond to them intelligently. By advertising here, we support our search engine and, at the same time, support this meeting place of ideas."
James Beriker
"Geek/talk lives up to the second half of its name perfectly, since it provides an ideal relaxed atmosphere for people to gather and exchange ideas, tips, advice and even warnings (when advertisers start going bad, or companies start failing, it's great to have somebody "run up the flag" before it's too late!) However, don't make the mistake of believing you have to be a "geek" to join in.

I have been a member of the geek/talk community for almost exactly two years. In that time, I have seen posts across the whole spectrum of expertise, experience and culture. The point is that there always seems to be somebody who's explored the twists and turns of the path you're about to walk - and who is willing to share a map. This holds true whether you're building your first ever homepage, or whether you're putting together a large database- powered ecommerce site!

Geek/talk's strengths can be seen by looking at the problems with a traditional discussion forum setting: noisy, off-topic posts, disputes and arguments raging... Steve, ably assisted by a group of extremely competent moderators, has created an environment which is the exact opposite: all meaningful voices get heard - all those who come to stir up trouble get gently, then more firmly, shunted aside.

This firm-but-friendly control results in one of the cleanest and most "content-filled" discussion boards I have ever come across... yet is no impediment to the average member of the community. And the value to a busy webmaster of knowing that 100% of posts are meaningful cannot be over-emphasized."

Edwin Hayward
Free Email Address Directory
"We have found GeekVillage to be an invaluable resource as well as a targeted advertising opportunity for our affiliate program. We would highly recommend the geek/talk Forums to anyone who is running a website, an affiliate program or any type of on-line business."
Bruce Benevento

"The Web can be a very unpredictable place in which to run a business. Knowing which web hosts, merchants, and ad networks are best for you can mean the difference between success and failure. By participating in the geek/talk Forums, either actively or passively, you are sure to receive a well-rounded view of these issues.

This animated exchange of knowledge has created perhaps the most authoritative and up-to-date reference guide for webmasters - all while maintaining a colorful personality that keeps the posts compelling to read. As a web publisher, I wouldn't be without geek/talk by my side, and you shouldn't either."
Joshua Smith
NET-ADS - Webmaster Resource Center

"I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to hold the chat in the forum the other day. I'm continually impressed with the caliber of the forum, both in terms of the sophistication and savvy of the participants, as well as your remarkable ability to maintain order and satisfaction simultaneously! Keep up the good work!"
Best regards,
Alan Stein
"I have hung around the board daily for almost two years. It has been a tremendous source of information and ideas for me. The Forums provide me with real answers to real questions. You can search through endless posts on many topics, and usually find the answers you need. If not, check out the Posting Guide and Rules. Read them, understand them, become one with them. Then post. Respect the board and its members, and you will find a wealth of knowledge, help, and friendship."
Drastic Tactics

"The geek/talk Forum at GeekVillage has been my favourite webmaster forum since day one. It's such a success because of two factors; a) the guidelines for posting are very precise, so there are almost no inappropriate posts, and b) the members take it from there, sharing tips, information and ideas freely with each other. I'm proud to be a member, and honoured to be a moderator."
Aaron Dragushan

"Geek/talk is one of my favorite forums to visit. The one thing that sets geek/talk apart from many forums is quality. The forums are heavily moderated with very strict posting guides. This assures that you receive genuine answers to your questions and can participate in an intelligent conversation. Geek/talk is one of the most unique discussion boards out there."
"The geek/talk forum is far and away the best webmaster and general Internet business discussion board that I've seen. The "signal to noise" ratio is way above the norm for this type of forum, and the diverse mix of participants, which includes both affiliates and merchants, are friendly, helpful, sometimes challenging, but always insightful. Whether you're just starting out, or an experienced Internet publisher, I recommend geek/talk without hesitation."
Sunil Tanna
Answers 2000 Limited
"This forum has helped me on my adventure in making money online. Not only have I learned a great deal from the insightful conversations, but I have also met several people that I work with almost every day. In my opinion, this forum is one of the best resources for webmasters who are looking to work smarter and make more money. Had it not been for this forum and some of the people I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from, my attempt to make money on the Internet would have been a short one."
Spencer Uresk
Daily Starts
"At the geek/talk forum, you can indulge in conversation as if across a virtual coffee table, with Webmasters from around the world exchanging personal internet experiences, knowledge, concerns, ideas and forsight, as each of us members journey together down the superhighway to our own destinations. You may laugh or you may pout, but you'll see what internet life is all about. However you may discern, you'll find something here to learn. :)"
"We have only had positive experiences working with GeekVillage. Our advertising placements with them attract active, educated affiliates and the forums themselves are well moderated, productive, and encourage a worthwhile exchange of ideas."
Robert Mooney
Standard Internet Corp. /
"Unlike the vast majority of webmaster boards online, the GeekVillage forums displays a true balance of experience, participation, simplicity, fellowship, incredible insight, and is just a fun and addictive place on the web for the serious webmaster. From technical issues to current web site marketing tactics, I check first with GeekVillage to find the "real scoop" and most importantly, how it relates to me, the webmaster."
Karl Stepp

"When I first found GeekVillage for webmasters I spent a lot of time lurking. I am not new to webmastering as a hobby, but in the past year, I found myself in a position where my hobby had turned into a money-eating monster and I needed some advice for generating revenue. I spent most of my time reading through old posts and new posts. I searched the forums for background information on some of the affiliate programs I was interested in. I looked up old posts with any indications of a "positive" or "negative" on some of the advertising agencies online. What I've learned form GeekVillage has helped me tremendously.

Don't come to GeekVillage expecting to hear how to cheat the system. Moral issues aside, the geeks of this village are into honest revenue. GeekVillage offers webmastering discussions for critiques and review of html and code issues. It offers web hosting choices and comparisons. It creates an online community with webmasters and advertising agencies with dialogue about the issues that drive the Internet revenue. Swap and barter your services or your domain....Chit chat for fun with the geeks..."


"The internet can be a dark and lonely place if you don't know where you are going, or what you are doing. Steve Shubitz, with the creation of the geek/talk forum, has created a community that is a true campfire community on the internet. The webmasters that meet and exchange views here, shed some light on issues for novice and experienced webmasters alike.

As someone who has been involved in various facets of technology all my life, I know the value of a resource such as this. As a network administrator, and technology instructor, I've recommended the geek/talk forum to many of my students and associates over the years. Myself, I drop into the geektalk forums from time to time, just looking to make a few friends, and share a little knowledge along the way."
Tom Peracchio
Updated every so often. We have hundreds more :)


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